Delicious British Snacks

Delicious British Snacks

Every country has their own unique group of snacks. No matter where you go, you will always find amazing and unique snacks. Britain is no different. While many people may think that all Caucasians eat the same style of food, this is not the case. American food and British food is quite different. Britain has a large assortment of snacks that are not even found anywhere in America!


Aero is a wonderfully flavoured chocolate snack. The inside is filled with air bubbles containing various flavours. The most common flavour is mint, but there are a number of others as well. The combination of this flavour with the chocolate just melts in your mouth! Absolutely delicious!


Another famous chocolate snack from Britain is the Flake. This chocolate is purely chocolate with no added centre. The uniqueness of this chocolate Flake is that it is made up of strands of loosely connected chocolate ‘flakes’. This way when you take a bite out of a Flake, the strands break apart and melt in your mouth, giving you a soft, rich flavour that will stay in your mouth for quite some time. It is a tradition in Britain to place one of these chocolate Flakes into ice cream; this is both aesthetically pleasing as well as a delicious combination. You can’t go wrong with chocolate and ice cream!

Kinder Surprise

Yet another chocolate snack; are you seeing a pattern? This one is great for both children and adults alike! A kinder surprise is shaped like an egg but hollowed out in the middle. After you eat through the chocolate egg you will find the surprise; a cute little toy! A kinder surprise tastes delicious! If you are a father, just suggest to your wife that you will buy a toy for your toddler. She won’t suspect a thing! (Well, unless she’s seen them before.)

Walker’s Crisps

Crisps, or potato chips depending on where you are from, are very popular in Britain. One of the more unusual of these is the Walker’s Shrimp Cocktail crisp. The flavour profile was literally taken from a 1970s cocktail party, merging the cocktail flavour with shrimp. As for how or why this worked, nobody really knows! The important thing is that it did and they taste amazing!


Ribena is actually a snack-like beverage. Made primarily of blackcurrants, this drink is loved by most if not all British people! Have a sweet taste with a sour kick to it makes it quite unique. Regardless of the fact that it is quite different from most snack-like drinks, it still has a brilliant taste that is hard to hate!

Salt and Vinegar Crisps

Heading back to the crispy side of things, an extremely popular flavour of crisp in Britain is salt and vinegar. These crisps are salty, but not overly so thanks to the vinegar contained within. The combination of flavours leaves you desperate for the next crisp; however, by the time you’ve downed a bag you’re going to need a large glass of water!